Understanding and Implementing FAST Agile.
Two-day In-person Instructor-led Training Class.

FAST is excited to announce the world’s first FAST Agile class

Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST) will disrupt the agile world and the frameworks that are not suited for the more complex (VUCA) times that we are in.

Date - 22-23 July 2023

Location - The Grove Resort & Water Park Orlando

14501 Grove Resort Avenue, Winter Garden, Florida, United States, 34787

The location was chosen specifically so that, should anyone want to bring their family, then they are occupied out having fun during class time.

If you want to make a reservation at this hotel, follow this link.


Early Bird Pricing (to 21st March 2023) - $790

Regular Pricing (March 21 2023, and onwards) - $990

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Course Overview

A two-day, in-person, Instructor-led and activity-based class geared to understanding Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST) in depth. This class will cover the what, why and how of FAST, including how to start and common pitfalls.

The style of this class will follow a loose plan but not in a highly controlled or structured way. We will allow for the group's interests and needs to determine the content and pace - and allow for emergence.

This is the world's first public authorized FAST Training class. It is only open to Six People - so be quick with reserving your spot if interested. It will be a very exclusive concierge experience for this first cohort.

What Will be Covered

The FAST Operating Model comprises a central core and several supporting components.

FAST at its Core

  • What is FAST

  • Roles

  • Meeting

  • Flow Cycle

  • Complexity

  • Dynamic Reteaming and how it plays out

Things to Help Make FAST Work (Non-core Components)

  • Modern Product Management

  • Visualizing Work (and Complexity)

  • Forecasting Mechanisms

  • Reflect and Improve in a dynamic reteaming environment

  • Self-management and New Ways of Working (Teal)

  • Small scale, Large Scale, Portfolio Scale FAST

  • Mastery

Where to Start

  • Small or Large Scale?

  • Building a Collective

  • Experiments and Methods to introduce and start a FAST experiment in your org

  • Pitfalls to look out for & what can kill your experiment

  • FAST as a Replacement for Scrum

  • FAST and SAFe?

Why FAST Works, is So Different to Everything Else - And Why It is Needed Today

  • Network Organizational Theory

  • Dynamic Teaming

  • Wisdom of crowds, Collective Intelligence

  • The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

  • Business Adaptability

There will be a certificate of attendance for the class.

(There are no FAST certifications.)

Who Should Attend this Class

Agilistas, Network Design Pioneers, Product Managers, You!

Your Instructor

Ron Quartel

Ron's agile experience started in 2002 with Extreme Programming and over the years since then, he built strong technical skills and a deep understanding of agile methods.

In 2014 Ron had an epiphany about a new way of working. A way that makes self-organization inescapable rather than just paying it lip service. This led to the birth of Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST Agile), of which he is the founder.

Sign Up (or Register Your Interest in a Future Class)

Sign up for Orland 22-23 July 2023 class - Eventbrite


Register your interest in a future class - here