Understanding and Implementing FAST

A Two-Day In-Person Instructor-led Training Class 


four half-days online/remote

Course Overview

This two-day, in-person, instructor-led, activity-based class is geared to deeply understanding FAST. The class will cover the what, why, and how of FAST, including how to start and common pitfalls to avoid.

The style of this class will follow a plan but not in a highly controlled or structured way. Instead, we will allow for the group's interests and needs to determine the content and pace - and allow for emergence.

What Will be Covered

The FAST Operating Model comprises a central core and several supporting components.

FAST at its Core

Framework components of FAST

How to Start

Why FAST works, is different, and is needed today

There will be a class attendance certificate - the FAST Agile Nascent Certificate (FAN).

Who Should Attend this Class?

Agilistas, Org Designers, Pioneers, Product Managers, You!

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